Never Trust a Mirror Hand Painted Leather Jacket


This jacket was carefully hand painted and covered with the poem below, dedicated to those suffering from an eating disorder and skewed body image.


"Never trust a mirror,
For a mirror always lies.
It makes you think that all your worth
Can be seen from the outside.
Never trust a mirror,
It only shows you what's skin deep,
You can't see how your eyelids flutter,
When you're drifting off to sleep,
It doesn't show you what the world sees
When you're only being you,
Or how your eyes just light up,
When you're loving what you do,
It doesn't capture when you're smiling,
Where no-one else can see,
And your reflection cannot tell you,
Everything you mean to me,
Never trust a mirror,
For it only shows your skin,
And if you think that it dictates your worth,
It's time you looked within."



*Made to order: email shopevolvestore@gmail.com for customization or a different size*

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