Star Magic by Ashli

“I Am Tranquil” Intentional Candle




soy wax, organic herbs, organic essential oils, intention, lavender, blue lotus, damiana, magic, love


"I am Tranquil”

This candle is meant to alleviate stress and call in mental clarity, healing and balance.

Scent: lavender with a hint of earth

Stone: amethyst

'I am Tranquil' is infused with the intention to call in clarity, intentional oil for peace of mind, organic lavender, damiana, & blue lotus, and cleansed & charged amethyst. The energy of the crystals works in collaboration with the energy of the herbs to call in the intention of the candle. This is my way of literally sharing my light with the world.

Approximately 2 inches in height and 4 inches in diameter. Because my candles are handmade and made to order, each is unique and has slight variances. .

Please be advised, these candles are self-contained. The integrity of the outer layer is not compromised as the candle melts. Thus, you are left with a beautiful keepsake once the life of your candle has completed.

***It is not recommended to leave candles burning unattended or for longer than an hour.***

Each candle comes with a complimentary tarot reading. Submit 1 question or concern with your candle order to receive a remote reading.

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