This blog post is a little different from our usual ones from the past few weeks, but we thought it is important to portray this message at this time: Your worth is not defined by any kind of number! This weeks blog post is all about finding and accepting your worth as a woman and human being without having validation from the number on the scale, the amount of likes and followers you have, or even the grades or scores you may receive on tests or in a classroom setting.  The list could go on, but we decided to dig deep in those few subjects! We hope you enjoy it as much as we loved writing it!


The number on the scale: As many of you may know our CEO Emma Manis is a survivor of anorexia and our head of brand development specialist Lady Bella struggles with body distortion/Orthorexia. Both of these ladies have had their fair share of the constant struggle of stepping on the scale and basing their worth off of a single number. We know that many of other women and men struggle with this same concept. Which is why this section of the blog is to remind all of you exactly why the number on the scale is truly not a reflection of your worth:


1. What a great person you are

2. How much your friends and family love you

3. That you are kind, smart, funny & amazing in ways numbers cannot define!

4. That you have the power to choose happiness

5. Your own self-worth

The only thing the scale tells you is scientific data and a numerical fact of your physical body. It does not define your self worth because the number does not know you, talk to you, or even see you. The number is just a number. Nothing more and nothing less! YOU ARE NOT A NUMBER YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING ❤️

Social Media:  In this modern world social media plays a huge role in each others lives on a personal and business level. As artists, creatives, models, youtubers, business-owners, entrepreneurs, etc. it is hard not to judge our worth of work, productivity, and talents by those numbers of "likes" or "followers" when it is ingrained in us that the more "likes" you get the better your work is. When in reality that is not true. Social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok all use algorithms to keep you engaged on their app and to purposely not give you as many "likes" to convince you to pay for promotions. This algorithm in reality has nothing to do with the DEPTH or beauty of your work, but on the pure fact of utilizing their algorithm to always go back onto that specific app! We also want to tell our beloved creatives and small business owners that you do not need to be an Instagram "influencer" to feel as though your work is worthy. The idea you had before the "likes" is still beautiful and amazing after the "likes" you receive as a reaction of that ideas creation. Believe in your work and use the numbers on social media as plus to your work being seen, not so much a platform for it to be judged upon! YOUR WORK IS WORHTY IN ALL FORMS!

collage by: Lady Bella

The grade or test score: Part of Lady Bella's own story is her educational experience with grades and test scores. All throughout middle and high school she rarely would make honor-roll and would see Cs, Ds, and maybe a B on her report cards. A lot of her educational career she thought she was 'stupid' because she wasn't making straight A's or B's and also struggled with Dyslexia and ADD. Lady Bella didn't even break a 1,000 points taking the SAT. In fact she scored an 860 on her first SAT  and a 980 on the second. Not to mention her older brother was the "smart" one in the family. He attended the IB academy at Princess Anne high school and went on to graduate from George Mason University with a degree in physics and double minor in mathematics and data analytics. When she was in her freshman year of college, she was so overwhelmed and had no confidence in her own intelligence that she was close to dropping out. Her entire educational life she was told by test scores and grades she was not smart enough, which is why she second guessed herself being at college in the first place. Thoughts going through her head: "why am I here?", "why did I think I could do this?", "I'm not smart enough". After long talks with her mom and her family's strong advocation for college education, she decided not to give up on herself. She worked hard to keep her grades up, and to experience the real work ethic of a real student who is intrigued to learn and gain knowledge. She would even wake up early on Saturday mornings with her backpack filled with textbooks to go study at the university library. At the end of the semester Lady Bella made Dean's list. She states,

"I finally realized I was not only smart but realized I was actually highly intelligent when it comes to collage and learning in the classroom after my first year of college. I finally felt my true intelligence not because I made straight A's, but because of how much work I put into my school studies and the confidence that comes with that. It was the experience leading up to getting that 100 on the test, not the actual score itself."

Lady Bella is a proud English major and Fashion Merchandising minor at Old Dominion University. 

We hope you girl bosses enjoyed this in depth blog post  and maybe feel more worthy and accepting of your appearance, talents, and intelligence. YOU ARE WORTHY!

picture: Lady Bella






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