This Thanksgiving may not be the most traditional considering we are in a global pandemic, but this only means giving our thanks to all we have can become that much greater! Below we have created five ways that being thankful can benefit yourself and others around you!

1. Showing Thanks to Others Makes Others and Yourself Feel Good!

When making other people feel good it shows that you appreciate them, even with a simple "thank you" or a kind gesture to show "I appreciate you". When making others feel good it also makes yourself feel good! 


2. Being Thankful Gives You Confidence!

When being content with what you have in your current life and being thankful for it, you develop a certain wholeness within yourself that is unbreakable. This wholeness is also called confidence! Confidence can be found by being thankful for something as simple as being able to watch a sunset or being able to read your favorite book every night! 

3. Thankfulness Can Make You a More Positive Person

If you saw a glass with water in it not all the way filled, would you say it was half empty or half full?  To have a thankful mindset means to have a more positive mindset! To see what you may obtain instead of what you may lack in your life and being thankful for all that you have obtained may be the gateway to your freedom to your more positive life you have always dreamed of! Thankfulness will make you more positive!

4. Writing a Gratitude Journal Can Help You Start Your Day Better and Sleep Better

If you are not much of a writer and think it's too hard to keep up with a daily journal, try using a journal for gratitude! Every morning when you wake up take time to jot down five to ten things you are grateful or thankful for to start your day! By doing this as we wake up it reminds us what we have before we are distracted by the rest of the world. Before you go to sleep jot down five to ten things you are grateful or thankful for again to again ground your mind from the busy artificial world you were in all day long, and to help you remember what little acts of kindness someone might have done for you or that you might have done for someone else! Writing down your gratitudes helps us slow down in life to remember what is really important and worth being thankful for.


To be thankful enables us to see things from another persons point of view. To be thankful can also get you through some of lives most toughest tests, by looking at what you have instead of what you don't; looking at what what you acquire instead of what you lack will make all the difference in getting through anything life may throw your way!

May we all be thankful when it is most difficult during these uncertain times.

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