Which Halloween Costume You Should Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Angels, do you ever put off deciding your costume until the last minute because we definitely do! If you are still not sure what to be this Halloween here is a list of possible ideas according to your zodiac sign! Head to your local Halloween store to try and find some of these costumes, or try and DIY them at home. These are perfect for just hanging out around the house with friends or a spooky night out!

Aquarius ( Jan 21st - Feb 19th ) Phoebe Buffay - Phoebe is a care-free spirit who marches to the b eat of her own drum just like you Aquarius! Find some cute 90's clothes with a hippie touch, and you've created the perfect Phoebe Buffay costume!
Pisces ( Feb 20th - Mar 20th ) Alice in Wonderland - Alice has a very chaotic goodness to her, and is always down for an adventure! We think this would be the perfect outfit because it is easy to put together, and captures your curious nature.
Aries ( Mar 21st - Apr 20th ) Cruella Deville - Of course Aries aren't exactly like Cruella, but we think you both have strong determination, and passion inside of you! Channel your inner Deville for this spicy costume!
Taurus ( Apr 21st - May 21st ) Poison Ivy - Get down to your earthy roots Taurus and be Poison Ivy for Halloween! She is often depicted as a temptress, but we think you both just go for what you want because nothing stands in your way!
Gemini ( May 22nd - Jun 21st ) Harley Quinn - Harley is known for her wild side, but at the same time she wants to be loved. Gemini's have to same duplicity to them, which is why we think this is the perfect costume!
Cancer ( Jun 22nd - July 22nd ) Marilyn Monroe - It's time to let your inner starlet shine Cancer! We know you have that sparkle in you, just like Marilyn Monroe, and now you can show the world with this simple costume!
Leo ( July 23rd - Aug 21st ) Cher - Extravagance and style are two words that perfectly describe Cher, and you Leo! Look up any her her iconic fashion moments, and show everyone how loud you can be.
Virgo ( Aug 22nd - Sept 23rd ) Kim Possible - You know you've always wanted to do this costume Virgo, and now it the best time! Kim Possible and Virgos are both fearless and kind while being the best friend anyone could have.
Libra ( Sept 24th - Oct 23rd ) Paris Hilton - Time to dig in your closet and find your clothes from the early 2000's when Paris Hilton reigned the fashion world! Libras are fun, outgoing, and lovable just like Paris!
Scorpio ( Oct 24th - Nov 22nd ) Maleficent - You might have to get crafty with this one, but you can pull off anything Scorpio. Maleficent is the perfect costume for a strong, powerful, and graceful being just like you!
Sagittarius ( Nov 23rd - Dec 22nd ) Black Widow - Channel your inner badass Sagittarius, we know you have it in you! Sagittarius's are brave and loyal just like Black Widow, so pull out all of the black clothes in your closet and through this costume together!
Capricorn ( Dec 22nd - Jan 19th ) Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Buffy's costume is perfect if you are looking for something simple and last minute, Capricorn! Just like you, Buffy is a natural leader, stubborn, but upbeat which is why we think you would rock this costume!

Let us know which costume you use in the comments below, and the EVOLVE Angels hope you have a spooky Halloween!



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