Welcome back Evolve Girl Gang. This hot summer has got us thinking about all kinds of ways to keep our cool during these times. We wanted to write this blog post to remind anyone who needs to hear this at this time in need.

In times of uncertainty, confusion, or in times when it seems extremely hard to trust in your own journey; please remember that in these times we feel most broken are the often the times we realize the things/thoughts we need most. Keep steadfast and know that this too shall pass. To receive the gift of balance, you first have to know what it feels like to be unbalanced. This reminds us to look inward, see a different perspective of not just yourself but life itself. If you are feeling stuck in your relationship with your partner, yourself, your parent, sibling, friend, job, or just life here are some helpful tips to help you can practice everyday to bring small amounts of balance back into your life. 


1. Write in a journal: Writing in a journal can be empowering. You do not even have to spell words correctly, it is yours to vent to, tell secrets to, tell your feelings to, or just tell something how great your day went!

2. Exercising: Either going for a nice peaceful walk or wanting to go hard in the gym will give you a sense of control and contribution to feeling good about your health. This also gives your brain and body a mental break to focus on something else and release all you were worrying about before.

3. Eating to fuel your mind and body: Eating what your body tells you it wants and needs will keep you full of the energy needed to keep pushing through to get through the day. Don't listen to the noise of the diet industry - eat what feels good to YOU, even if your friend is having a salad. 

4. Listen to music: Music is something everyone can relate. The right song can bring us to the most amazing realizations, feel the most love, or even feel the most hurt. Whatever you feel with whatever you may be in the mood to listen to, listen to that song because your intuition wants to listen to it for a reason. If you can't stop listening to a song for a whole day, keep listening to that song on reply for that entire day girlfriend!

Remember that all great things take time. Pandora's box may look scary, but once you finally open it, your demons don't look as dark as they once seemed. The sunshine will come out again. Keep on EVOLVING. 


- xoxo, EVOLVE TEAM.



This year began for us with a total disaster. Our house was burned down and we literally lost everything. We wish for nothing more but to be able to live back in a place where we have spent the last 50 years together.
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Barbara Waclaw July 22, 2020

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