Supporting Women Never Goes Out of Style

International Women Day just passed on March 8th, but at EVOLVE we like to celebrate women every day! Now when we say women, we mean any and everyone who identifies as a woman. A woman has no particular face or feature that makes her identifiable because being a woman is whatever YOU make it. Every woman is glorious in her uniqueness and should be celebrated to the fullest extent! Now is a great time to let the women in your life know how much you value their strong voice and contributions to the world. 

By honoring women’s achievements we can get closer to true equality that has been long overdue. There are many injustices women battle every day, including fighting for reproductive rights, as well as LGBTQIAP+ rights, domestic violence and abuse, closing the pay-gap in salaries, and many others. EVOLVE wants to challenge you to acknowledge these issues and take action against them so that women can thrive in every aspect of life.

Many organizations are dedicated to helping every kind of woman find resources whether it be for health services, educational purposes, or taking political action. We have included a few of those resources below and EVOLVE encourages you to familiarize yourself with them in case you or anyone you know ever needs help!

EVOLVE was created to empower women everywhere and to make you feel confident as you take on your day! We believe women of all shapes, sizes, ages, races, backgrounds, gender identities, and abilities are the embodiment of beauty because to us, Beauty Has No Limits, and every woman IS beautiful. The EVOLVE Angels want to remind you just how strong and valuable you truly are! Whether you are at work or home, with family or friends, you deserve to be yourself, you deserve to be treated with respect, you deserve greatness and freedom, and you deserve to live every day feeling proud to be a woman!




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Jeremysefd March 18, 2021


Jeremysefd March 18, 2021

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