Spring Goal Setting!

Spring is a great time to set new goals whether it’s for work, your personal life, or your future so that you can evolve into the best version of yourself! By precisely setting your goals you can figure out which areas of your life need improvement and attention. Progress can happen slowly, so have faith in yourself and your goals because that is what will make them come true! And don’t forget to stop and smell the roses sometimes - you are growing each and every day! These goals can be about anything, but if you need some inspiration… self growth and confidence, getting a promotion, reading a new book, or cutting out a bad habit are all great ideas. The EVOLVE Angels know you can do anything you put your mind to, so let's set some goals! 

  1. A fun way to get started is by writing down what you think your future will look like, and don’t forget to be specific! Think about where you will be, who will be around you, and what you will be doing. This is a great way to identify the steps of reaching your goals!
    Spring goal setting list
  2. Next, list something that you feel you can change in your life right now because setting immediate goals can get you into a healthy goal mindset! Smaller everyday goals could also assist you in kickstarting that mindset such as getting dressed, drinking more water, or eating a full meal. It doesn’t have to be big or life changing for it to be a step in the right direction. Understanding that you are in control of your journey is the most important part!
    A full breakfast is a great idea if you are looking for spring goals
  3. Always remember Angels to be proud and thank yourself for how far you have come!
Self love and goal setting are two great things to go into spring with!

Some of EVOLVE’s goals are to make every single person feel loved and worthy of the space they take up! YOU are enough, YOU deserve happiness and the world, and YOU will find self-love. Setting goals is a healthy way to begin self growth, but it’s okay if you don’t reach them all, especially overnight. Becoming the best version of yourself is a journey, NOT a destination! If you don’t accomplish the things you were hoping to do, don’t fall into the mindset that you have failed. Forgive yourself and set new goals! Change can be hard, but you are doing the best thing by putting yourself first! Now is always a good time to start <3

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