Outgrowing Your Space

The only thing that is constant in life is change and growth. Each of us are blooming everyday into a new version of ourselves and sometimes we have to uproot and find a new garden. If you feel held back or uneasy by the environment around you it may be time to move on! The feeling of needing to get away from your surroundings or completely change them is completely normal, and you are not alone!

Being in a space that you have outgrown only holds you back from your limitless potential. Knowing when to part from this place is the hardest part, but your intuition is strong and will tell you what’s best. Listen to your body, mind, and soul!

Leaving your nest will be hard, and growth can definitely be nerve racking at times but it will help you in the long run! The people who deserve to be in your life will support and help you in your decision to move forward. Whether it’s moving into a new house, city, or even country, finding the right environment to grow can be tricky. Test out the water before you begin to root, and see which spaces you think you can thrive in! 

Outgrowing your space can be stressful especially when you aren’t able to immediately do something about it. Remember that your situation is not permanent and better days are coming! You can be grateful for what you have and still want something completely different. Take the first jump into the unknown because you can fly to amazing places! 

Have fun growing!



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