Out Of This World Collection Teaser

Throughout centuries, the beauty standards and the fashion industry have confined us to black holes, making us doubt our worth and the potential for what we could be. It’s time to break free from those limitations with EVOLVE’s newest collection that is inspired by taking on a journey to lead us out of this world. We are shooting for the stars and breaking away from this world’s unrealistic standards and expectations that society has put on us, and going beyond to explore our own destinies. 

No matter your size, age, race, ethnicity, gender, or sex - you are the sun, the moon, and the stars combined. This Fall’s newest collection will be something created to allow all of us to take up space and own our powers because we are greater than all of the galaxies to exist! EVOLVE wants to dare women to be bold in their clothing while encouraging them to not shrink themselves into a smaller version of who they are, which is why this collection and all collections beyond will include sizes 00-56, as well as accessible options. You deserve to feel confident and live powerfully every day as you own your evolution. Our new collection is full of pieces that will make you feel connected to your body so that you can appreciate it for the temple that it is! Some floral and mystical motifs will be featured bringing you closer to nature and yourself. And most importantly, you will be stepping into the future, manifesting your reality, and becoming the most out of this world version of you there is to exist.


#EVOLVE Angels

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