National Bikini Day is Here!

If there is one thing that EVOLVE loves, it's bikinis! National Bikini Day just passed us on July 2nd and we want to talk about the stigma around having a bikini ready body. The only way to get a bikini body is by putting a bikini on your body, but each year as summer approaches women everywhere obsess over whether or not their body is ready. What does ready even mean though? With a quick google search of “bikini body” you can see the beauty standards that charge women’s insecurities: thin, mostly white, girls.

EVOLVE’s goal is to change these beauty expectations because we are all uniquely divine and don’t need to fit into the boxes we are placed in! You are worthy of your space, and deserve the universe, so put on your favorite swimsuit and walk out with confidence this summer!

The best way to feel good in your body is by practicing self love and acceptance! Loving yourself doesn’t happen overnight, but you will slowly start to feel it grow inside of you. One of EVOLVE’s favorite ways of practicing self love is by reciting positive mantras throughout the day. Here are some examples to get you started, but feel free to come up with your own!

I am enough

I am worthy of the space I take up

I am made of love

I am constantly evolving

I am strong and fearless

I am kind to myself

I am confident

I am worthy of love

It’s time to accept ourselves unconditionally so that we can grow everyday! You don’t need to change yourself to fit into society's expectations, you are perfect as you are. No one can make you feel small if you don’t give them power, so wear whatever you want to wear! Make sure to check out last week's post about finding confidence during the summertime for some more inspiration!

Happy summer!



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