Meet the Women Who Started The Movement



Each and every day we are growing and changing and the world around us is changing too. We are taking steps to become the people that we have always been destined to be. So when it came time for the creators, Emma and Colleen, to invent their brand, they wanted to come up with a name that stood for everything that it means to be a woman: Growing, changing, evolving. And ever since then, the Evolve movement has been doing just that.


Evolve started in October of 2017 with the mission to give women affordable and fashionable clothing that would make them feel comfortable in their own skin. Born out of the creative minds of two women who happened to cross paths after separating in high school, Emma and Colleen soon realized that the sparks between their partnership could start a fire.


Colleen’s love for photography and passion for fashion prompted her to reach out to Emma with the request of taking a few photos here and there for both of their Instagram accounts. After their first shoot, all of the pieces just seemed to fall into place. Emma had recently graduated from the Fashion Merchandising program at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts, and Colleen had just started her photography business, both trying to find their footing on these new paths.


Colleen’s eye behind a camera lens and her attention to detail combined with Emma’s sense of style and business experience allowed for both of their paths to lead straight to the creation of Evolve.


When asked what they want the take away from their business to be for the women that buy their products or visit their page, both Emma and Colleen have almost identical answers: “To help woman feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin no matter what.”