Meet The EVOLVE Team!

The blog post this week is about the women who create the magic of Evolve!

Introducing the Evolve team:

Emma Manis, Amanda Villafana, and Lady Bella.

Meet the woman who started it all and currently the CEO of EVOLVE, Emma Manis!

Emma attended VCU's fashion merchandising program to become the entrepreneur she is today! She is a survivor of many triumphs, but the one that she is most open about at this point in time is her battle with the eating disorder Anorexia. She has been in recovery for two years and has made great strides to make herself and the community of women stronger. She created EVOLVE back in 2017 and its non-profit organization "Beauty Has No Limits" was formed at EVOLVE's first fashion show on September 19, 2019 (link below this paragraph) and has never looked back! She works endlessly to keep our message strong and a safe place for all to feel accepted in their own bodies and to proudly own who they are! Emma is known for her infectious smile and her headstrong personality!

Instagram: @emma.manis 

Introducing our creative director, Amanda Villafana!

Amanda attended VCU's intensive fashion design program which is where her and Emma met! They both created a strong bond through their sorority that made them the business partners they are today. Amanda joined the EVOLVE team in May of 2019! Since she has joined, we have been invited to NYC and Paris Fashion weeks, as well as having our very first EVOLVE fashion show back in September. The EVOLVE couture collection "Evolution" will be shown in this years RVA Fall fashion week as well! Amanda is constantly thinking of new ideas to enhance EVOLVE's image with a creative twist that keeps us thinking outside the box! She is a strong advocate for women, for people accepting themselves just the way they are, and encouraging others to be kind and creative! Amanda is also known for having a great sense of humor!

Instagram: @amanda_villafana


Last but not least there is our head of brand development, Lady Bella!


Lady Bella is currently attending Old Dominion University majoring in English with a minor in Fashion Merchandising! She first discovered EVOLVE through another person's Instagram and inevitably meet the CEO Emma Manis. At the time Lady Bella had a blog called "Our Stories" and interviewed Emma to share her story with the world. Emma and Lady Bella developed a strong friendship and decided on making Lady Bella head of brand development for EVOLVE! The title "head of brand development" contains the responsibilities of online marketing such as Instagram, Facebook, and our website. She also contributes to the EVOLVE team by brainstorming ideas for better marketing strategies, how/when to post on social media, creating the newsletters/emails our subscribers see weekly, as well as scouting new people to join the EVOLVE team! She just finished her sophomore year of college and we couldn't be more proud to have her apart of this journey with us! She is known to be a ball full of energy and is very out-going!

Instagram: @_lady.bella_

Even though each of our team members has a certain speciality they work in, they are constantly having virtual meetings and working together on all aspects of running EVOLVE. These three girl bosses are working endlessly everyday to  change  all industry standards of beauty by empowering ALL people by accepting  everyone no matter what size, gender identity, color of the skin, or ethnicity. 

"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you or somebody you know is interested in joining the EVOLVE team please contact us at


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