Making Room for Someone Else at the Table

Making room for someone else in your life may not be the easiest thing because like all relationships, friendships need time and commitment to help them grow and get stronger. Surround yourself with people who want you to thrive in life! Those friendships are the ones which will last the longest. Having friendships that make you feel good can significantly impact your mental health as well! They are there when we are at our loneliest and lowest moments, and can help you reach your potential. 

Being independent is incredible and we encourage you to strive for that, but it’s okay to rely on others sometimes! It’s important to have someone by your side that you trust and know will be there for you through it all. No one can go through life without a support system and help from time to time. 

Some friendships aren’t meant to last forever, however, that doesn’t mean that they weren’t worthwhile. Everything happens for a reason, and those people were meant to come into your life regardless if they still are! You know deep down how you deserve to be treated, and if someone isn’t fulfilling your friendship needs then they don’t need to be around you. The people who make you feel like the best version of yourself are the ones to keep around!

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