Let's Talk About Sustainability

With Earth Day approaching on April 22nd, EVOLVE wants to take this opportunity to share our views on sustainability and the fashion industry. Whether we like it or not, every one of us participates in the fashion industry and the choices we make about our clothes are a reflection of our true self, so why not make the sustainable choice? 

From the clothing we put on our backs to the furniture in our homes, making sustainable choices in our daily practices is crucial to keeping our earth clean. Sustainability is the preservation of our natural environment and resources so that future generations will be able to continue living in a healthy world. The fashion industry is a major contributor to many kinds of pollution, as well as destruction of natural resources, so it is our job as consumers to be mindful of the impact we are making on the earth. 

It is a company’s responsibility to be transparent about it’s supply chain management and the sustainable guidelines they use. If all designers began to do this, it would keep more brands accountable, while also providing the best choices for shopping with sustainability in mind to allow customers to know which products are leaving a better impact on the environment. As consumers, we must take responsibility to also question the brands we shop with in order to hold them and ourselves accountable for our choices.

So Angel, I bet you're wondering, “where do I start?” Well lucky for you, we’ve listed out some of our favorite sustainability practices below! 

  1. Try not to shop fast fashion, which is clothing mass-produced at inexpensive prices that responds to the fast-paced trends and demands of consumers. The low cost of the garment often does not accurately reflect the labor put in to make it, leaving garment workers underpaid and overworked for the amount of clothing they are expected to produce in such a short amount of time.
  2. Make a switch to only shopping with sustainable brands, or even looking to buy second-hand! Thrifting is a great way to find unique pieces of clothing while honoring the environment.  
  3. Look for information on the brand’s websites about their sustainable practices! Making sure you are educated about where you shop and how to be a sustainable consumer makes all the difference!
  4. Spread the word! The more people who understand the importance of sustainability and begin practicing it the better, so tell your friends and family about being a mindful consumer!

Tune in for next week’s blog to hear all about the sustainable approached we are taking in order to do our part. 


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