It's Black History Month!

As you may or may not know, February is Black History Month! This is a time to celebrate African American achievements as well as recognize their important role in US history. In the last year, we have seen more demand for change, diversity, and representation in this country with the BLM movement encouraging that. This celebration must go beyond just the month of February, and the community at EVOLVE is ready to honor African Americans’ history and their accomplishments every day!

Educating ourselves about momentous occasions in Black history is a good first step into understanding why this month is so important and linked below are some articles to check out if you’re interested! Another way to show your support to the African American community is by reading some of these top-rated books by black authors. Donating to organizations striving to assist black communities, education, health, and more is a great way of showing support from anywhere in the world as well!

The National Museum of African American History and Culture published an article titled, “Knowing the Past Opens the Door to the Future The Continuing Importance of Black History Month,” that gives an abundance of information about the formation of the month!

Caroline Bologna from Huffpost does a great job in outlining the top 50 must-reads by black authors and has them all listed here:

Charity Navigator is a fabulous resource that organizes different charities into sections based on their missions, and it has a special collection just for Black History Month, check it out!

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