How to Tackle the Top Trends for Spring/Summer 2019

With the weather’s tentative climb towards acceptable temperatures and the remnants of fashion month drifting through our social media feeds, the itch for new spring styles is just begging to be scratched. And since you go to a doctor for health advice, and an accountant to tackle your tax questions, it would only make sense to seek out some advice when spring shopping as well. Preferably from someone who knows a thing or two about the trends picking up steam in the months to come; and can see past what’s walking down the runway to envision the women who will wear them, and how she might actually style them to best suit her lifestyle.
Cruising through the latest designer collections looking for trends worth testing is time consuming; and the question of whether or not something is going to stick around long enough to be worth the investment is always in the back of my mind as I tell myself to put the [sheer top, leather pants, feathered skirt - you name it, if it belongs in the circus I’ve probably gravitated towards it] back down. Not to mention that, as a 20-something entrepreneur, I try to reach for my creativity more frequently than my credit card. So, if you’re in that “I hate everything in my closet” change-of-season rut, we’ve got you covered. Here are some trends that will dominate the Spring/Summer 2019 season:

Cycling Shorts: 

image courtesy of Berksha. 

Image courtesy of Berksha.
You heard that right, the trend that literally no one asked for is back and bolder than ever. We’ve seen them amongst the street style and celebrity set for seasons, but as seen in shows from Fendi to Chanel, these spandex wonders aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Style them with a graphic tee and grandad sneakers for an athleisure look, or belt a blazer overtop for a bit of polish.




Proenza Schouler Crochet Sleeveless top from Farfetch.
While a resurgence of eras past is nothing new, 2019 trends transcend singular or literal interpretations; merging decades to mold a new modern from 1950s couture techniques to the Woodstock inspired. Expect crochet to be a wardrobe staple this season (and no, I’m not talking about your high school dalliance with bohemia). Look for modern, elevated pieces to add a touch of 70s cool to your closet.

Tie Dye: 

Young, Fabulous and Broke Yumi dress from ShopBop.
An influencer favorite for summer 2018, it was anointed an enduring trend as designers from Dior to Prada proved that tie dye is no longer solely the preserve of art teachers and Dead Heads. To style it, think past the summer camp t-shirts and hippy skirts springing to mind, and instead look for intricate patterns in more sophisticated hues.


Sharp Silhouettes: 

Photograph by Phil Oh.
The tailoring trend most likely to change the way we dress next season- traditional, sharp silhouettes in an array of shades from classic neutrals to statement colours. Think tailored trousers styled with shirts and belts for a pulled together look that still feels softer than a suit for an accessible take on androgyny that looks polished and elegant  in any size run.


A sneak peek from the Evolve spring collection. 
Prepare to hear this term tossed about a lot in the upcoming months; and if you like your fashion and function in equal parts then this is the trend for you. Combat trousers and denim boiler suits galore stormed the catwalks layered under oversized anoraks; and if you, too, are having a horrifying flashback to your baggy, wannabe-punk combat trousers of the early 2000’s, fear not. This iteration has been reborn in a slim, loose-cut silhouette with all of the streamlined pockets and none of the bulk.


Top Picks From Evolve Owner, Emma:

Earth Tones: 

As seen at Kenzo, image courtesy of Vogue. 
Designers proved that paring it back can actually make quite a statement, with models dressed in head-to-toe earth tones. From cream and khaki, and sand to tan- lighten up a little this season.


A sneak peek from the Evolve spring collection.
The feisty, feminine ruffles of last summer will continue to command our shoulders this season. In addition to the childlike cascades of frills we’re familiar with, channel Saint Laurent’s 1980’s Prince appeal or the off-kilter charisma of Simone Rocha’s show.


Bold Colors: 

A sneak peek from the Evolve spring collection.
If you’re a lover of color then honey, this is the year for you. We’ve seen neon everywhere from the streets to the shelves, but Christian Siriano, Naeem Khan, Henry Holland and more have added their stamp of approval on the fluorescent hues. Whether you go with a set, separates, or a blazing head-to-toe ensemble- as long as you look like a shade of highlighter you’re good to go. Sunny yellows and marigolds lit up runways at Oscar De La Renta, Carolina Herrera, and Brandon Maxwell, while a dreamy new color palette of lambent sorbets hits that sweet spot for many. With so many vivid shades, it’s no surprise we’ll need to learn to color-block- and according to Prabal Gurung we’ll also be doing it with neon. TLDR: Anything goes when it comes to color this season, so go wild.


Animal Prints: 

A sneak peek from the Evolve spring collection.
Speaking of wild, we all remember that leopard print Realisation Par skirt of last summer- and the good news is if you managed to get your hands on one, you’ll still be on-trend in it this season. Whether you work your wild side in flashes and clashes, or gravitate to sophisticated silhouettes; the animal trend surpasses sell-out midis and minis this season.  

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