How Our New "IT" Girl Collection With Tracy Akers is Giving Back!

Tracy’s conviction to pursue ability justice is the foundation of this line’s existence and hopes. By creating an inclusive activewear collection inspired by natural elements, our Evolve team is inspiring true change in the world by inviting all people to step into their personal power as creators of joy, peace, beauty, and healing. In order to manifest and create these forms of love, Evolve is donating 30% of this collection’s proceeds to a local, RVA nonprofit - Mission Gait. 
The mission of this nonprofit is to offer widespread support to all lower limb amputees without access to science, education, and rehabilitation. In order to foster healing, increased mobility, and an improved quality of life, Mission Gait provides gait training and education to physical therapists around the world, and the nonprofit also aims to train therapists in the United States to understand the niche, specialized conditions of an amputee’s lifestyle. The goal is to help physical therapists learn how to create treatment plans that are holistic and considerate of meeting an amputee’s individual needs and dreams. By empowering physical therapy providers, amputees can find informed professionals for treatment and gait training who now understand the amputee’s body, struggles, and prosthetic technology more than ever before. Without this outreach, physical therapists will continue to offer uninformed, unspecialized treatment plans or training that can be harmful to this marginalized community. 
Mission Gait hosts annual events for the public like Discover Your Possible, taking place this fall on October 10, 2020 at 10:00 am EST. Discover Your Possible will be a virtual skills and activity clinic for the lower limb amputee community, caretakers, and rehab clinicians; tutorials and educational zoom meetings will be offered based on topics and needs that are relative to the overall mobility of those living with amputations. Mission Gait not only provides relief to upper and lower body amputees in our nation and around the world, but the nonprofit also brings awareness and healing to those living with any kind of physical disability. Evolve and Mission Gait are joining together in this mission now; as a team, we believe that someone’s value should not be based on their physical ability. True value lies within each person’s aliveness and freedom in this world. 
Mission Gait  creates a safe space for amputees to show up in their full, personal powers by also lessening financial burdens and supplying access to prosthetic tools and mobility supplies. If your family, friends, or local businesses are interested in donating used mobility tools such as crutches, wheelchairs, shower chairs, or the like, please visit Mission Gait’s website to learn more about what you can do to empower the amputee community. 


We are so excited to be joining together with a local nonprofit to create more inclusivity in our world. Join our mission! The Evolve family invites you to shop and to create your vision of joy, peace, beauty, and healing through your self-expression. You are beautiful, and your beauty is not based on your ability - beauty has no limits.


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