Finishing Your To-do List!

Our To-Do lists seem to grow every day, and it is very easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start! Being anxious about your to-do list is completely normal, and procrastination is something that everyone is familiar with, so there is no need to feel alone. Having a to-do list can be intimidating especially if it’s a long one, but EVOLVE wants to share some of our favorite ways to get started!

  1. The first step is to get in the mood and get ready to do some work! If you are not in the mindset to finish some of your chores then odds are you won’t get them done, so take a minute to breathe and set your intentions for the day! 
  2. Choose one item or chore on your list, and focus on just that until you have completed it. Taking things one step at a time will help to ensure the whole list gets done, and remember to take it slow and be thorough!
  3. Break down your bigger to-dos into smaller steps that way it is much less overwhelming! Simplifying everything into easy tasks will help you eventually complete that larger item. Remember - Rome wasn’t built in a day!
  4. Take some time to just relax and remember that even though the things on the list are important you’re more important! Everything can wait until you feel ready to tackle it. 
  5. Create a Done List! Once you have finished one of your To-dos add it to a separate list so that you can visually see it and feel a sense of achievement. Think about how rewarding it will feel to see all your To-Dos completed!

Don’t forget to forgive yourself if not everything on your list gets done… it’s okay! There will always be tomorrow or the next day to do the rest. Finishing your list should feel relieving, so if it’s too much for a day then save it for another. Once you have finished everything, give yourself a pat on the back because you did it! The EVOLVE Angels are proud of you, so be proud of yourself!


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