EVOLVE'S Sustainable Practices

We previously talked about what sustainability is, ways to become a sustainable consumer, and now we want to share the ways EVOLVE contributes to making conscious fashion choices! Our goal is to help the fashion industry transition from a linear economy to a circular economy. A circular economy extends the lifetime of products, whether it’s through donations, or the reuse of fabrics and garments. Using a circular economy method is a very sustainable choice, and below are some of the other ways EVOLVE commits to sustainability!

  1. We source everything locally in Los Angeles meaning we do not use fabrics imported from overseas! This greatly reduces our carbon footprint and allows us to see all the steps taken in the production levels. 
  2. EVOLVE makes everything to order! We only buy enough fabric to produce what is ordered by our customers and retailers. This means we are not buying excess fabric to produce products that have not yet been purchased.
  3. Beginning in October 2021, we will be launching the EVOLVE consignment shop where past customers can return their original EVOLVE pieces for store credit. These items will be resold or donated to shelters where clothing is needed.
  4. In January 2022, we will begin integrating recycled materials into our designs and continue progressing towards more eco-friendly materials. Reusing as much fabric and materials as we can is important to us because it greatly reduced the amount of waste typically produced.

We hope to set an example in the fashion industry, and look forward to the upcoming year with all of our sustainable switches! The EVOLVE Angels understand we have a responsibility to take care of this earth, and the beautiful things that make up it while we continue to create. Happy (belated) Earth Day!


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