Today's blog post we wanted to share with our EVOLVE girl gang our CEOs favorite looks and why!

Roxy Flare Denim!

These jeans are one of Emma's favorites because "they make everyone's booty look poppin!"


Pride Women's Hightop Canvas Shoe!

Emma states: "I love the Pride High tops because I believe in celebrating who you are and who you love."


Lacey Jumpsuit!

Our CEO Emma Manis loves the Lacey Jumpsuit because it reminds her to stay fun and flirty!


Keep Evolving One Piece!

Emma tells us, "I want every woman to be reminded to keep evolving!"


Inevitably Flawed Hand Painted Leather Jacket

Emma states: "I put my heart and soul into making those jackets by hand, I want every woman to feel empowered by that energy!"


Geo Leopard Print Pants!

These pants are one of Emma's favorite products from EVOLVE because they are fierce, but yet still comfortable and sleek!


Galaxy Sequin Wide-Leg Party Pants!

Emma loves these pants because they remind her that on ANY DAY or event can be a party worth celebrating! 


Flock Off One Piece!

Our CEO is obsessed with our new "Flock Off" One Pice because it plays into her boldness and it reminds her she's not afraid to stand on her own!



Dana Two Piece Set!

Last but not least! Emma LOVES this Dana Two Piece Set because it takes her back to her favorite season of Summer which is where she feels free enough to be her authentic self!

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