As you all may have seen on our social media or for those who were at the event, we as the EVOLVE Team successfully executed the second annual Beauty Has No Limits Fashion Show in Richmond Fashion Week! This years fashion show we decided to present our newest Fall 2020 Ready to Wear collection labeled "Lost in Time" along with closing the entire show with our first ever couture fashion wear line. Just as our ready to wear online clothes portray inclusivity in size, race, gender identities, religion, etc., the same values were instilled in our couture collection. This first couture collection was about telling our story here at EVOLVE while inspiring others in the community around us to keep on evolving with us! 

Tracy Akers closing for EVOLVE'S Beauty Has No Limits Fashion Show

Weeks and days leading up to this extraordinary event, Emma Manis and the rest of the EVOLVE Team spent every waking moment dedicated to preparing for this fashion show. If you follow us on instagram you might have seen our social media posts of the team prepping in Emma's house, looking like an EVOLVE tornado blew through every single room! It was worth it if you ask us!

The day of the show happened to be a rainy one, but that did not stop our EVOLUTION from continuing. The hosts of the event James River Cellars Winery in Richmond Virginia, kindly let us use their outside coverings to keep the show alive! Without the help of our incredible sponsors and event hosts we would have not been able to bring this show to life. A huge thank you to our make-up and hair stylists as well as all the assistant stylists dressing all the models and making sure all went smoothly behind the curtain. We want to thanks all who were involved in making this show happen!

Each outfit of our couture collection was handmade by Emma Manis and Amanda Villafana! They state: "The coolest thing about this couture collection was seeing all our sketches actually come to life on a runway. It was the coolest feeling." - Emma and Amanda

Each and everyday we are inspired by the evolution of kindness our community brings, the creative process our team indulges in, and the never ending process of evolving. THANK  YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT!


To see the entire couture collection click the heading of this blog post or click any of the pictures above!






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