Creating a Daily Routine

Angels, we’re not sure about you, but we can say for ourselves that quarantine definitely threw a wrench in our everyday routine. If you are feeling unorganized or like you can never get things done, setting up a daily routine could help! It takes time to find the right rhythm for your day, so don’t feel pressure to find the perfect routine on your first try. Establishing a routine that you follow can help reduce anxiety and provide structure to your everyday life. Below we have listed a few ways to find a daily routine that is best for you!

  1. Think about the routines that you already have, and may not notice! This could be brushing your teeth in the morning, getting a cup of coffee, or making a meal around the same time each day. Give yourself some credit for the work you’ve unconsciously done!
  2. Identify what you want to add to your day! Have you been meaning to start working out more, and just can’t find the time? Today is the perfect time to start practicing!
  3. Find the right time for these goals in your life! If you are a morning person it may be more suitable to involve a routine in the early hours. On the other hand, it might be more helpful if you work all day to have a routine at night time to unwind with!
  4. Next time you are going though your routine start to notice which part makes you especially relaxed! Furthermore, notice the parts that you feel you’re rushing through, and take some deep breaths in these moments to relax the mind again.

You’re not only making time to care for yourself when you add routine to your daily agenda, but also to relieve the stress we all feel about schedules. Carving out time that you can be sure of will ease the mind before or after a long day. We hope this helps Angels in creating a routine that works for you!



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