It's important to keep looking forward for what's ahead in the future, but what is even more available is the present moment you have right now. The present is an important and yet hardest to embrace at times because there is nothing to tell what is going to happen in that certain moment. A way to enjoy the present moment you are currently are comes with a few tips:

1. Take a moment to put down your phone and look around you to embrace all that surrounds you.

2. Somehow embrace the current situation you are in, whether it be good or bad. The sunshine will always come out again.

3. Writing in a journal or even in 'notes' in your phone the thoughts you are currently having can help help keep you focused on the moment you are currently embraced into.

4. Listening to a song that really speaks to your heart, mind, and soul at that particular point in time can make your world stand still.

5. Sit in silence with your eyes closed, and just listen to all that is around you. 


We encourage all of our EVOLVE community to enjoy the present moment because you may never know when it will be gone. 

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