Bloom: It's Time to Evolve

Summer is upon us and it is time to introduce EVOLVE’s newest collection: Bloom. This collection honors the beauty of the earth and the people who walk on it. Earth, air, fire and water are all essential elements to creating life within and around us. The sun provides the energy that flows through us, and which nurtures everything it touches. The sky holds the sun up giving it the power to control night and day. The inspiration behind Bloom comes from the beauty we see all around us from the smallest grain of sand to the vast blue sky, and to know that we are all part of a greater plan, evolving and blooming one day at a time. We hope you feel the same love for the earth that carries you, and take into consideration the words below. 


“Each body part should be honored as if it is a small grain of sand making up the beaches that make the earth stand still.”

“We are indefinitely intertwined with the flow of time that we as humans have constructed in this universe, the grain of sand in moments passing.”


“Your future needs you. Your past does not. Burn the sage and set yourself free.”


“You can’t keep her in a cage, clip her wings, tell her lies, say that fragile birds were never meant to fly. Watch her live behind a rusted door, latched right, her spirit slipping away so you can keep her in sight. Beautiful creatures cannot be confined. Her wings will grow, she’ll find the sky.” - Christy Ann Martine


“Like the lavender in the field, you’re growing and becoming who you’re meant to be. Through sunshine, clouds, and stormy days, you’re growing standing tall and free.” - g r a c e 


“When you sit in silence the wind blows through you, the sun shines through you and you realize you are not your body, you are everything. The sun, the stars, and moon combined.”


“Have you heard the story of the rose that bloomed in the night? Without the sun’s presence she grew from her own light. She did not yearn for his warmth on her petals. For she knew she held the power to radiate light from within. Though she had strong thorns, her heart was always open, for those with an open heart can never be broken.” - Allie Michelle




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