Bloated and Beautiful

Angels, have you ever noticed that there are countless articles all across the internet giving examples of ways to avoid bloating? Some of these articles include so-called “lifehacks” such as drinking apple cider vinegar, or doing stomach exercises to help reduce or prevent bloating. Diet culture has become such an issue in today’s society that young girls and boys grow up thinking they need to look a certain way to be acceptable. You are always enough and bloating is inevitable, but why and HOW did it become a bad thing?

In the past, curvy bodies were seen as the standard of beauty. Today in the fashion industry, we are seeing less and less representation when it comes to all shapes and sizes - not to mention abilities, gender identities, and so much more. While there has been an effort made by some companies to become more inclusive, we have to challenge ourselves to dig deeper than just creating clothing. We have to challenge belief systems that were built with the intention of tearing us down and shrinking us to a version of ourselves that we do not recognize. 

Here at EVOLVE, we believe that bloated bodies (and ANY kind of bodies for that matter!)  are beautiful, and we want to change the stigma around these unrealistic expectations and standards! For example: whether you’re bloating because you nourished your body with food, or your menstruation is causing it, bloating is a sign of a healthy functioning body. The EVOLVE community wants you to embrace all that you are, so the next time you look in the mirror with a happy stomach, remind yourself of how beautiful you look inside and out!

In honor of the National Eating Disorder Awareness week 2021 here are some ways you can educate, and love yourself more every day! This link can help you can learn more about NEDA’s mission and how they can assist you!  NEDA Work

Make sure you are following the EVOLVE Instagram because throughout week we will be sharing videos about recovery stories that will give you strength and inspiration. 

Below are a few additional instagram accounts to follow that we think align with our values and are full of information about eating disorder education and raising awareness.

Always remember… Beauty has no limits! If you or someone you know is considering recovery and is looking for support, please reach out to us at 



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