Black History Month - A Movement for Change

 When it comes to Black History Month, the recognition of the amazing men and women who have fought for their equality is not nearly what they deserve, which is why we wanted to shine a spotlight on one of our very own Evolve Girls, Mahogany Eaton. We sat down with this beauty to get more of an insight into her life, why she decided modeling was for her, and what it means to be an African American Woman in today’s society.


After we first met Mahogany, we were automatically struck by her sharp jawline, and unique looks. Those striking features only increased when we realized just how genuine and sweet she truly is. Without sounding too cheesy she is a literal angel, who has definitely found her calling in front of the camera.


Evolve: Did you always know you wanted to be a model?


Mahogany: Yes! When I was six I would watch America’s Next Top Model with my mom and play dress up in her clothing and accessories. Mom would always sing the cover girl jingle and make camera noises while I would do different poses & walk down a pretend runway. 


E: That is the cutest thing ever! I bet it was amazing to have your mom there supporting you and being such a strong influence! I bet she instilled so much into you about the struggles that African Americans faced. Because of that, what do you think when you hear “black history month?


M: Strong black leaders that open doors for the next generations to have the opportunity for equalization. And remember the even stronger leaders that came before us.


E: You mentioned equal opportunities, When did you realize that there was this race barrier in society that stood in the way of that?


M: It was honestly at a really young age when I was sitting in a history class learning that wealth; life opportunities & power are based on race and ethnic principals. Its sad that it was so obvious even when I was that young


E: In that class did you learn about a specific African American woman in history that inspires you? What about an African American woman from today?


M: Hands down Maya Angelou. With her beautiful poetry and participation as a civil rights activist it was only natural to look up to her as a young girl and even today as a young woman. But a woman that inspires me from today----That would be my mom. She’s the most strong-minded black woman I know. She’s irreplaceable, and my queen. 


E: Overall, what role do you think African American women have played in history? 


M:  Oh there are numerous, but one that stands out to me the most is being civil rights activists, and not only fighting for equal rights between genders, but fighting for equal rights for everyone. 


E: And I guess the most important question that we could ever ask you is, what does being an African American woman mean to you?


M: In its simplest terms? It means being a Woman made up of different shades of color, different talents, beauty, intelligence, and most importantly a woman capable of making a powerful change. 

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