Being Present and Why it Matters

We always think about what could have been in the past and what could happen in the future rather than what’s in front of us right now. This constant state of worry allows us to overthink and helps anxiety and regret form. Presence is all about experiencing life in the moment instead of dwelling on what is out of our control. Practicing presence helps us be in tune with our mind, body, emotions, and surroundings because there is nothing distracting the mind. Sometimes it can be hard to silence our internal dialogue, but there are exercises you can do to bring presence into your life! Listed below are some of EVOLVE’s favorite ways to practice presence!

  1. Any time you notice an anxious thought crossing your mind about the future gently remind yourself that all it is is a thought and it has no power unless you give it power! 
  2. Practice grounding yourself! Sometimes we end up going through the motions of life without actually processing what’s going on around us. Remind yourself where you are and what is really important in this exact moment. Start to notice the places and people that make you feel present!
  3. Meditation can help you ground yourself, and it will bring a lot of presence into your life! It’s important to make time for total relaxation so that your body and mind can have a break. Here is an example of a meditation you can do to practice being present in your own body!

Start by sitting or laying down in a comfortable position, and begin to take deep breaths focusing on your inhale and exhale. Close your eyes and continue to breathe feeling the air go from your nose to your fingertips. Feel the space around you and if you notice your mind begin to drift just gently bring your awareness back to your body. Continue to do this until you feel ready to end the practice!

Feeling complete presence takes time because you have to be able to recognize when you are distracted from reality. With practice, however, you can become more aware of your beautiful mind, body, and soul and how to nurture it every day! 

Good luck Angels!



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