There is no such thing as a "summer body". The advertising and fashion industry as well as social media has ingrained in our brains that no matter how your body looks, it is not ready for summer. We are hear to remind you that your body is indeed ready for summer no matter what size, shape, color, age, or ability. All bodies are made for ALL seasons.

Something we tend to forget or acknowledge is that our bodies are not made to impress others or society. Our bodies were created and designed to keep us alive as a living organism on this Earth. In our modern day, we have be taught to think we are "never good enough" because our physical appearance will never measure up to these impossible expectations that surround us. In reality, you are always good enough no matter what size your hips may be, how much your thighs touch, or the amount of acne on your face. Your worth of feeling beautiful in your swimsuit is not diminished because you gained or lost weight, or because that new pimple decided to say hello this morning. You and your body are ready for summer because you are healthy, alive, and meant to be beautiful no matter what season may be taking place. 

We spend the most time inside our own heads, make sure it's a nice place to be! You deserve to feel inspired, motivated, and beautiful just by being yourself in all of it's glory! #SUMMERBODIESDONOTEXIST #BEAUTYHASNOLIMITS


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