1. MEDITATION: Meditation is an intimate body and soul experience that has proven to help with anxiety, depression, and even physical pain. The practice of meditation is a great way to clear your head for the upcoming day or week. It is also a wonderful tool to use before going to sleep or ending your day or week. There are many different kinds of meditation exercises that are beneficial to your specific mind and spirit! We highly encourage our customers to download the app "eternal sunshine". It is filled with a large range of meditation exercises that do not take long and are very full-filing for everyday life!   
  2. YOGA/AT HOME WORKOUTS: We first want to state that it is possible to have a good and meaningful workout without feeling like you are sweating bullets or pushing yourself to the most extreme. By having some sort of movement everyday will keep your mind and body feeling refreshed and energized! Movement during the day to keep you energized could be as simple as stretching every morning and evening, doing different yoga exercises, a moderate at home work out, and even going on walks or jogs! Remember that it is okay to have a gentle workout for your hard working mind and body. 
  3. HEALTHY EATING HABITS: Having healthy eating habits is not only important for everyday life, but it is important to keeping your body energized and healthy to be able to do normal everyday projects in the mix of a quarantine! How you feel physically and emotionally can be affected by what you are consuming inside your body as well. It is okay to eat that cookie, slice of pizza, or any other of your favorite treats! But remember to treat your body kindly with the nutrients of vegetables, fruits, and the healthy carbs/proteins! Keep those beautiful brains healthy and energized ladies! 
  4. DRINK LOTS OF WATER: This may seem like an obvious tip not just for quarantine, but for everyday health! It is just as important to keep yourself hydrated as it is to keep that healthy diet! Keep your skin glowing, insides moving properly, and your thoughts clean!
  5. STILL GET DRESSED AS IF THERE WASN'T A QUARANTINE: We know it is so much easier to just stay in those sweatpants and work from home girlfriend! WE GET IT! If you find yourself feeling anxiety or even a sense of feeling "trapped" of constantly wearing the same clothes over and over again, we suggest getting changed into 'pre-quarantine' clothes! This doesn't mean you have to get changed into your best dress or suit, but maybe wear a pair of jeans instead of yoga pants or sweatpants! Instead of wearing that sweatshirt you wore to bed last night try putting on a fresh new t-shirt!  These small differences could make all the difference into your week! If you want to know how to style some of your own Evolve purchases stay tuned on our Insta story and Tik Tok with styling videos by our CEO Emma Manis! 
  6. DO THE LITTLE THINGS THAT STILL GIVE YOU JOY: Just because our lives don't seem as busy as before does not mean you shouldn't enjoy the little acts of fun or kindness you once experienced before! You can still sit outside with your glass of wine, paint your nails and do face masks, create artwork, write in your journal, continue reading that book, having your morning and evening walks! The list goes on ladies! Do not stop the little acts of kindness to yourself and others!
  7. CONSUME THE NEWS IN MODERATION: We cannot stress this enough for everyone. We have ALL gotten sucked into the news about COVID-19 at some point during this pandemic, lets be real! It is important to moderate watching the news to keep your emotions and mental health in check during this time. This does not mean DON'T watch the news because it is needed to get the latest information about what is happening in the world. Instead of keeping the news on all day, give yourself thirty minutes in the morning to watch the news and thirty minutes in the evening to keep yourself updated on all that is happening in a more moderate and healthy way! There are also plenty of short podcasts to listen to if you do not want to see tragedies of this pandemic or listen to an intense news reporter. If you love podcasts or think this is an option for you to take up, we would highly recommend the podcast "Up First". They are usually no more than 10-15 minute episodes that will get straight to the point or facts of COVID 19 and all that is happening in the world! 




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