1. Send a good morning or goodnight text: If you feel you cannot have full conversations with your loved one(s) constantly, sending those two phrases everyday will still show you care!

2. Facetime! Facetime is a wonderful way to hear your loved one(s) voice(s) and still seeing their face(s). You may not be able to feel their touch, but at least you can see each other's smile!

3. For military spouses or for families who are constantly separated: This social distancing thing may not seem too unfamiliar. To keep your loved one in good spirits make them a list of things they could be grateful for! Sometimes as a person who serves our country or an individual who is always traveling to provide for the family, it is sometimes hard to see all that you have when it seems you constantly do not have enough. Maybe send them a "10 things to be grateful for" list once a week to keep their positivity up!

4. HUMOR!: We encourage everyone to send your loved one(s) funny memes, send your favorite TikToks, or even make a silly video to help keep laughter in the air.

5. WRITING LETTERS: A fun thing to do during isolation is writing artsy, cute, and creative letters and send them to your loved one(s) through the mail! It's a fun way to look forward to something everyday and gives you something to do as well!

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