5 Ways To Get Out of A Creative Block

We have all experienced that moment when our brains get so overwhelmed that our creativity stops flowing. Can you relate, Angel?  Creative blocks happen usually at the most inconvenient times, so in order to break you out of your rut, EVOLVE wants to share some of our favorite ways to find inspiration and motivation! Remember - when your motivation starts to run dry, it’s dedication that carries you through to meet your end goal!

Go on a walk! Exercise will get your blood and thoughts flowing, hopefully giving you your next big idea. Whether it’s around your neighborhood, on a beautiful trail, or just in your hallway, walking is a great way to get past that mental fog!

Tidy up your space! It may help to clean the area around you because a cluttered space could mean a cluttered mind. Once you’ve done your chores, your creative block can be swept away (just like those dust bunnies!)

Make a mood board or idea web! If you are working on a visual project it could be beneficial to find images, quotes, or just about anything that will get your ideas going again, and putting them together could lead you to that breakthrough. Idea webs are great for generating words or concepts! Start by writing down the first word that comes to your mind and go from there. Remember, your only limit is you when it comes to your mind.

Take a nap! You and your brain deserve a nice break from all the hard work you’re putting in! If you aren’t tired, then try a mindfulness meditation to refresh and empty your mind. Going 100 mph all the time will eventually burn you out. It’s okay to kick back and relax, especially when your brain and body really need it.

Get out of your space! Going for a drive or any kind of relocation may get you out of this rut. Changing your environment will give you a chance to catch a breath and you may find inspiration along the way!

Always remember Angels to take a breath, and remember that you WILL have a breakthrough! Good luck and have fun with your creative endeavors <3



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